Newborn photography FAQ’s.

Whether you are just starting out or have some experience under your belt, we’ve provided answers to common questions that will guide your explorations into newborn photography. From newborn photography poses to gear recommendations to selling your images, we’ve got you covered.

black and white image of a newborn posed on its side

Common newborn photography questions.

What do you need for newborn photography?

Of course, you will need a camera and lens for newborn photography, sometimes multiple as you grow your business. You are also going to want to get a space heater to be able to keep the area warm for the baby. You’ll also want to have cozy props, like blankets, pillows, baskets, etc. 

What lens is best for newborn photography? 

We recommend either a 50mm or 85mm lens for newborn photography. You can also use a 35mm lens, but this will give you a wider shot, meaning you’ll get more of the background in your final image. In addition, you will also likely want to invest in a good quality macro lens to help capture those extra special details that are so key to newborn photography. 

How do you get into newborn photography?

If you have a passion for family photography, newborns, kids in general, or portraits, then newborn photography could be great for you. Like any type of photography, to get into it you want to make sure that you have a passion for it, that you have the right equipment, that you gain experience, build your online portfolio, and that you begin building your clientele.

How do you practice newborn photography?

You’ll need to get out there and take baby pictures! Starting with your inner circle is a great place to start – if you know people who have small children, whether it is friends or family or close referrals. This is a great way to practice because you’ll already know the parents and can just focus on your newborn photography skills.

How do you learn newborn photography?

Preparation and practice are the two most important things when learning newborn photography. You are going to want to be prepared with the framework of what you are going to be doing, what you need, and the technical aspects of newborn photography. Then, of course, you need to get practicing! The best way to learn is by doing.

How much to charge for newborn photography?

This is going to vary greatly depending on your experience, where you live, and what exactly you offer. In general, most newborn photographers charge somewhere between $100 and $300/hour. When starting out, we suggest starting at the lower end and working your way up as you gain experience. Don’t forget to keep in mind things like travel costs and editing when pricing your services. 

What age is best for newborn photography?

Babies don’t stay in that newborn stage for long, so it’s important for parents to plan accordingly. While it isn’t always possible to predict the baby’s arrival accurately, in general, we want to aim to do a newborn shoot anywhere from 7-14 days after the baby’s arrival. If the baby arrives early, this can usually be pushed back because the baby will need that extra time to mature.

How do you market newborn photography?

The key to any successful marketing plan is to know who you’re speaking to. When you know your audience, you can create marketing materials that capture your target market’s attention and persuades them to purchase your newborn photography services. Some marketing ideas include email, social media, Google ads, word of mouth, and even content marketing if you want to start a blog. 

What props do you need for newborn photography?

In some cases, you won’t need any props for newborn photography. Some parents prefer a minimalist and natural look. Having said that, babies almost always need to be posed. We recommend a beanbag and textured blanket for this. You may also want things like baskets, bassinets, and flowers on hand. 

How do you pose a newborn baby for photography?

Posing with a newborn is often about coziness and comfort, as well as showcasing the relationship with the parents. Newborns are often pretty sleepy, so setting up baby photoshoots with cozy blankets or baby props. You can play with a number of poses – ones with the baby sleeping in different ways and also candid ones of the baby in their home environment with the parents.

How do you wrap a newborn for a photoshoot?

When wrapping a newborn, you are going to want to swaddle the baby for ultimate comfort. Swaddling is a great technique for babies who are really young – like a few weeks old – as it usually keeps them very comfortable for your photographs. Learning to swaddle is a great skill for any newborn photographer and if you have questions about how just ask the parents.

How do you light newborn photography? 

Often the best lighting for newborns is natural light, both because this is the most flattering light for the baby’s skin and also because harsh studio lights can make the baby uncomfortable. Whether you are shooting in an indoor or outdoor space, be sure that there is ample natural lighting for your photoshoot.

How do you set up studio lighting for newborn photography?

While natural lighting is usually best, there will be times when you need to set up lighting to get the right shots. Whenever you are setting up studio lighting, you are going to need to make sure that the light source is coming from directly above the baby’s head and illuminates the face downward.

Which reflector should you buy for newborn photography?

Reflectors and diffusers are great for photography because they help filter or bounce natural light that you are using. When looking at newborn photography, you will often be going into people’s homes to photograph their newborns so having a small reflector that is portable is ideal. You can also play with getting different colors of reflectors – like gold, silver, white, etc. – to bounce different types of light.

Which studio lighting should you use for newborn photography?

The goal should be to find studio lighting that is as close to natural lighting as possible. A great way to stimulate this type of lighting, using lights with 5600 Kelvin output that provides continuous lighting is great. Having handheld lights is also great and always very portable.

How do you clean newborn photography props?

You should always have cleaning products on hand to wipe and clean up different props as you go or deal with any spills, whether you are at your own studio or going into someone’s home. Make sure your baby cleaning supplies are different from your regular cleaning supplies – these need to be ones that are baby friendly, which usually means less harsh chemicals. You’ll want things like wipes and paper towels.

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